CCMAC Summary of
Country Club Membership Survey – 2017


The CCMAC wants to thank all the members for participating in the recent PJCC membership survey and to ensure all members we will do our best to implement suggested improvements favored by a majority of the membership. The entire survey results will be made available online to members, with links published in the PJCC weekly newsletter. If any member wants a hard copy of the survey results, then please submit a written request in the golf shop addressed to Joe Dagrosa, Chairman of the CCMAC.

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Here is a summary of the survey results:

General Survey Demographics

  • Total respondents – over 212 respondents
  • gender  – 80% male, 15% female, prefer not to identify 5%
  • resident and non- resident respondents  – 63% residents, 7% Belle Terre, 30% non- resident


Question Summaries

  1. Pace of play– responses fairly evenly split with the highest percentage of respondents neutral to the issue. However combined with other responses, there appears to be a strong sentiment for a ranger to be on duty more often.
  2. Green speed  – overwhelmingly strong sentiment to maintain fast greens at 9.5 or better
  3. Walking – a strong majority of members are in favor of the option to walk while playing golf. However this can be a hot issue with a small, but vocal percentage feeling that those taking carts do more to financially support the club.
  4. Short game practice area – it is clear that based on this and other questions, there is strong sentiment for a significantly improved short game area. A significant expenditure of money is supported, but not by the shortening of an existing hole. Results:
  • a strong 66% in favor of an improved expanded short game area
  • 66% would be willing to pay for it
  • 70 % were not in favor of changing an existing hole
  • Note: there was a glitch in the survey which prevented using the same answer twice. Notwithstanding the glitch, the above percentages were clear as to the general opinions.

5. Fescue – a majority of members are satisfied with the present level of fescue growth and height. Although there is significant concern re: ticks/fescue. Also, there is concern that any extension of the fescue will reduce enjoyment of the course, make it too hard and slow play.

6. Exit and entry on 17th green – Overall membership is fairly evenly split or neutral on this question. A slight majority feel some modification of 17th green entry/exit needs to be examined.


8. Regarding a dues increase for maintaining and improving conditions and amenities A small majority feel dues should not be increased even to maintain course conditions and amenities. Based on this question and other responses, we must always be careful to keep dues reasonable.

9. Level of services and amenities – a clear majority of members want a ranger on the course, aside from this most found amenities are acceptable.

Various comments included:
More drinking water on course, free tees and ball markers and more benches in tee box areas.  Members are overwhelmingly in favor of the services provided by the Turn and think that pro shop staff and bag staff are adequate

10. Other written open ended comments from questions #8 and #9  – can be summarized regarding concern with:

  • most comments- full time  ranger,
  • improved practice facilities such as the aforementioned short game area and
  • an improved driving range with better mats,
  • lower guest fees
  • ticks,
  • full time starter and
  • wider fairways and some fairways cut closer to the tee boxes,
  • consistent greens speed at a minimum of 9.5 or faster,
  • bunkers need to be consistent and raked daily,
  • more ball washers,
  • pickup garbage and clean up around new maintenance area,
  • better range balls,
  • some areas of golf course look unkempt with weeds and
  • other area have no grass or vegetation,
  • more flowers,
  • improve walk ways, steps and cart paths,
  • more benches on tee boxes,
  • more bag handlers and
  • Mark yardage on sprinkler heads.
  • attention to detail: filled sand containers on carts/ replace towels on ball washers regularly / cups & water available course
  • Try to control costs to keep dues increases to a minimum.
  1. Why join Port Jeff – good value for the money, location, friends, and conditions were the dominant comments. Numerous nice comments about Bill Mackedon
  2. Course Conditions  – items most cited by membership  – short game practice area(most cited by a lot), green speed, fescue, rough height and bunkers
  3. Suggestions for attracting new members – a number of things were repeated by membership – they include:
  • reduce guest fees , make guest fees inclusive of carts if wanted,
  • keep course challenging with fast greens and good conditions ,
  • have a lower rate for 20 to 29 year olds and even perhaps those under 40,
  • offer beach sticker with membership for non- residents,
  • build a pool to  get more families up to the club,
  • more socials,
  • all members get 1 or 2 free guest passes for joining,
  • lower first year introductory rate applied to second year of membership,
  • more advertising especially use of social media,
  • visible aggressive marketing with membership materials whenever there is an outing,
  • many positive comments about the Turn,
  1. Issues or comments not addressed in survey  from membership
  • net along the right side or hole #1 to protect from driving range,
  • ice/water machine on the course near bathrooms,
  • junior programs are great,
  • Bill our pro and Brian our greens Superintendent continue to do a good job,
  • CCMAC made up of too many members from the same playing group,
  • “Hard to feel involved when only a handful of people run the show.”
  • open some afternoon tee times to non- members to raise income,
  • more financial reporting on where our membership $$ goes,
  • adequate locker room facility,
  1. Priority Area’s for improvement
  • Short game area
  • ranger,
  • fairways
  • green speed
  • fescue
  • Cart paths
  • need to work on businesses and young(youthful) members
  • Very little support for tees, bunkers, rough height or plantings.
  1. Current Golf membership type  – 212 respondents  –
    45% full single, 18% full couple, 29% modified single,
    7% modified couple 1.44% youth, .48% business

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