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PJCC Tennis Policies and Procedures

Prime Playing Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 9:30am-12:30pm & 5pm-7:30pm
  • Friday: 9:30am-12:30pm
  • Saturday: 9am-1pm

General Court Rules:

  • Every member must sign in on CourtReserve, the reservation system, prior to play.
  • Tennis shoes are the only acceptable footgear.
  • No other types of shoes or bare feet are permitted.
  • Shirts must be worn at all times.
  • Bathing attire is not permitted.
  • Courts are to be used for tennis only, and only persons actually playing are permitted inside the enclosure.
  • No member may occupy two courts with guests at any one time.
  • Courtesy to the players on the adjoining court is requested.
  • Do not chase balls in the adjoining court.
  • Do not cross behind until invited to do so.
  • Do not walk or stand in back or between courts while play is in progress.
  • Sitting or leaning on the nets is damaging to the nets and net straps and is strictly prohibited.
  • Tennis ball cans and other debris should be placed in the trash receptacles provided.
  • Last players leaving the courts are responsible for cleaning the courts, turning out lights, and locking all four gates.
  • All rollers and brooms are to be hung inside the court fences.
  • The Club, and its employees, are not responsible for personal property left at the courts.
  • Parents bringing children with them while they play tennis are responsible for properly supervising their children.
  • Noisy, unruly behavior is a disturbance to others and should be controlled.
  • Children using the tennis courts, under the age of 12, must be under direct and continuous supervision of an adult member whom shall assume full responsibility of their behavior.
  • PJCC may revoke tennis privileges of those members who show continual disregard for the rules governing the use of the tennis courts.

Reservation Policy:

  • Court availability can be checked online at any time.
  • Courts can be reserved up to one hour in advance before court time for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1.5-hour time slots. Members are REQUIRED to add ALL participants for each reservation and pay the guest fees (when applicable).
  • The ball machine can be reserved online at any time for any open time slot from 8am to 9pm.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Courts/Ball Machine reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the reservation.
  • We ask that members cancel their ball machine reservation at least 2 hours in advance of their reservation time.
  • We ask that members cancel their court reservation at least 2 hours in advance of their reservation time to allow other members to potentially book that court. In the event of no show during prime playing hours, the person who booked the reservation will be charged a $25 fee.
  • Each member is allowed 5 cancellations during prime playing hours at no cost. After that, the member will lose the privilege to reserve courts online for the rest of the calendar year.

How to Reserve an Open Court Time:

  1. Click Book Courts at the top of your screen.
  2. Select the time section to see availability.
  3. Choose the date by using the arrows (top left) or by clicking the date at the top-left portion of the page.
  4. Choose by clicking the RESERVE button at that time slot.
  5. Complete the reservation form, including whether you would like to reserve spots for you and each family member.

You will get an email confirmation.

Cancellation Policy

  • Court reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the reservation.
  • We ask that members cancel their reservation at least 2 hours in advance of their reservation time.

How to Cancel a Reservation:

  1. Click MY PROFILE at the top-right portion of your screen.
  2. Find the date & time of upcoming reservation you wish to cancel. Click the DETAILS button on the right.
  3. Click the red CANCEL RESERVATION button in the upper left.

Please feel free to contact our staff at any time to reserve courts, cancel reservations, or ask a question. We are here to help!

To reserve time, sign-up for clinics, and have full access to Court Reserve in an even easier format, please download the PJCC Court Reserve mobile app!

COVID-19 Precautionary Guidelines

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the precautionary measures listed below:

  1. Pro Shop hours: 8am – 9pm every day.
  2. Courts will be open for play (you must show up right at your reserved court time and must leave right when your time has run out).
  3. Each player (if not from the same family) will be required to bring (or purchase from the pro-shop) a can of balls that only they can touch. If you need to purchase a can of balls from the pro shop please call ahead and pay – we will leave the can out on the deck for you.
  4. Bring or purchase your own water – there will be no access to water at the facility (you can purchase water or Gatorade the same way you purchase balls).
  5. Please be considerate of others and pick up all of your trash, balls, etc. before leaving the facility to help avoid others from touching potentially contaminated items.
  6. Avoid touching benches, fences, nets, etc. We ask that all tennis bags be placed on the ground and not on benches.
  7. Absolutely no congregating or mingling on the courts, in gazebos, or on the deck.
  8. Doubles play will now be allowed as long as 6ft. social distancing rules are maintained.
  9. Court reservations will be limited to an hour and a half.
  10. Group lessons will be permitted (max of 12 players per group).